Fayyaan Mataa, Fayyaa Waa Maraa ti!

Reminding Statement to the Kenya government

(Higher commander OLA, Press Release, June 4,2019) It is understandable that the Oromo Liberation Front (OLF) with its military wing,Oromo Liberation Army(OLA) has been fighting against the Ethiopian Empire government in the last forty or so years. In such our effort and movement for our people’s freedom, and as the Oromo population reside on both countries,i.e.,Ethiopia & Kenya, there is no infringement on Kenya’s citizens done by OLA,so far.

Besides,the OLA has been moving & living in peace with the northern Kenyan Ethnics like,Gabra, Garri, Ajurana, Degodi & Sakuye.

However,the Kenya government,in collision with Ethiopia,has been trying to destroy the OLA in so many different times.

The important thing the Kenya government should not forget is how far the current Ethiopian government has mischievously done crime on Kenyian citizen. For instance,to name:
#1 chief Taro Dora
#2 Sajin Edit Begejo
#3 Nuro Mallich
#4 Galgalo Burji
#5 Tachi Arero
#6 Boru Jilo Kosaye
#7 Tunu Boru, just a few.

These and others are among innocent Kenyians killed at different times by the EPRDF military in front of thier house,by crossing Kenyian International boundary.

What ensued us to release this statement is the meeting conducted between the Kenyian and the brutal EPRDF led government,in border town Moyale, yesterday,June 3,2019.
We understand that the meeting was conspiracy and collision on how to destroy the OLA.

However,this is immoral,illegal,unjustified and against our right to fight for our freedom,as well as,against customary international law. And we are highly surprised by the Kenyian government,chosen by the Sovereign Kenyians, is colliding with the brutal EPRDF force which is at its verge of failure and defeat.

Moreover,it is inhumane to stand with the cruel government killing,displacing and burning alive of its own citizen.
Therefore,once again,we remind the Kenyian government to reassess its today action,with full respect.

JUNE 4/2019

Higher commander OLA

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