Fayyaan Mataa, Fayyaa Waa Maraa ti!


Oromedia is media organisation established to provide information, to connect people, to promote knowledge and advancement through collection, production and dissemination of information, providing training, organising information session forums with the aim of sharing information, education and experiences among nation.

It provides fair and balanced news and views on topics ranging from politics, culture, history, education, healthcare, business, arts, sports, technology and science.

We believe that the role of media is to contribute to a strong civil society and active community life, provide access to knowledge and culture, extend education, and offer varied viewpoints and sensibilities.


We highly value and encourage contributions from our web-readers and watchers. Also, all contributions from all unrepresented nations and nationalities are welcome.

To submit news, articles, opinions,  tips, photos, videos and general information,  contact us at editor@oromedia.net or dragabaa@gmail.com or news@oromedia.net

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